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Internet Marketing News & Articles

From time to time, we publish articles to help you get the most out of your overall Internet experience. Here's just a few:

Ten things you can do to Improve your Website
With so many people using the internet to get what they want, people often get their first impression of you or your business from your website. If it's going to really WORK for you, your website needs to be ready for both human and search engine traffic.

The Trickle Down Theory
Don't let your old electronic equipment get put out to the dump. Give it a new life using the Trickle Down Theory.

Search Engine Marketing Basics - SEO 101
Our popular primer on getting started in with Search Engine Marketing.

Who's Knocking? Who's Buying?
Understanding your web site traffic can be a harrowing task. The first step in improving your website should be understanding your Conversion Rate.

Who owns your Domain Name?
Many webmasters register their client's website in their own names. This practice can put your business in a precarious position.

This site may damage your computer
Where were you when Google turned off the world?

Facebook Tips and Etiquite for Businesses
Facebook is the most popular Social Networking website on the Internet, and it offers unique opportunities for business. Before you jump in, check out these tips for promoting your business on Facebook.

Good Link. Not-so-good Link.  Do you know the difference?
Links take us from place to place, from page to page, with a simple click of the mouse.  For most people, if you click on a link and get to where you were headed, it’s a Good link.  If you don’t go anywhere, or land somewhere unexpected, it’s a Bad link.  Until you concern yourself with improving your rank in the Search Engines.

Sewell Internet Marketing

Sewell Computer was founded in 1995 to help South Jersey area businesses get the most out of the Internet. Since then, Sewell has helped more than 100 clients nationwide build their business by leveraging cost effective internet and office technologies.

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Internet Marketing Articles
Internet Marketing Tip #2

Don't hide your links in obscure graphics, or text that looks like everything else on the page. Make your website links clear. Tell your visitors exactly where they will be going when they click on a link. They should know what the next page will be about before they get there, because your link is sufficiently descriptive.

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Free Ranking Analysis

Everyone wants their site to be found when people search. But few website owners keep track of benchmark statistics.

For a limited time, Sewell will provide South Jersey area businesses with a free Search Engine Ranking Analysis. You give us the top five phrases you want to be found for, and we'll tell you where you stand with top Search Engines.

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