Good Link. Not-so-good Link. Do you know the difference?

Everyone who surfs the internet knows about links. Links take us from place to place, from page to page, with a simple click of the mouse.  For most people, if you click on a link and get to where you were headed, it’s a Good link. If you don’t go anywhere, or land somewhere unexpected, […]

Facebook Tips & Etiquite for Business

Facebook is the most popular Social Networking website on the Internet, and it offers unique opportunities for business. But before you jump in, remember that Facebook is first and foremost a Social network. Most users are on Facebook to catch up with old friends, keep in touch, and just have a little fun. As a […]

Where were you when Google shut off the world?

It’s Saturday morning, January 31, 2009. I need to drive my son to an event over in Philadelphia, so I woke a little early to get a few things done on the Internet and get directions to the event before leaving. So I hop on, check and respond to some e-mail, visit Facebook (see also […]

Who owns your Domain Name?

Unfortunately, most small businesses do not own their own Domain Name. Most small business owners don’t have the time or inclination to create and maintain their own web site, and contract a Web Design company to both register their Domain Name and create their Web Site. In the process, it’s common for the designer to […]

Who’s knocking – who’s buying? What’s your Conversion Rate?

Most business owners know that they NEED a web site. Some don’t know WHY they need a site. Others see it as a compliment to their existing marketing strategy. If you’re one of the later, good for you! You’ve taken the first step toward making the Web really WORK for you. Do you ask customers […]

Search Engine Marketing 101

So you want to be found on the Internet. You’ve invested some time and money into creating a web site to gather new customers and grow your sales. But results are less than you wanted. Traffic to the site is light. Few people call or purchase anything. What’s wrong? You visit a search engine and […]

The Trickle Down Theory

From the latest and fastest computers, to the newest cellular gizmos, the American public likes its technology.  There’s always some new “must have” gadget to replace your old one.  And for those who need to keep pace with technology I say “Go for it, and have fun”. But what becomes of your old equipment?  Unfortunately, […]

10 things you can do to improve your website

With so many people using the Internet to get what they want, people often get their first impression of you or your business from your website. If it’s going to really WORK for you, your website needs to be ready for both human and search engine traffic.